School Management System

School management system is an integrated management system which provides technical support to the management team for proper decision making. In this technological era, it is a must system for the school who wants to take management to the next level. This system incorporates many management functions such as human resource management, administrative management, and so on.

This system allows the user to manage all the activities of school at just one click. If you are having trouble with your payroll of employees etc then this is a right choice for you.

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Attendance System

Attendance system is a perfect software for managing the attendance of your staffs and students. This system allows user to record the employees’ and students’ information and keeps the attendance of them.

This system also compiles the biometric system which means that your employees and students can attend themselves with the finger print. Once you press your finger in the system, it will automatically enter your entry and exit time.



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Montessori Parent Connect App

This application is specially designed for parents whose children are studying in Montessori. Young parents are likely to get anxious when they do not find their children around. Hence, this app allows parents to be informed about their children activities at school. The best thing is that parents do not have to leave their work.

This app features easy-to-use platform and function which do not require any advance technical skill to use it. Through this app you can be assured that your children is in a good hand.


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Hotel Booking System

Are you having trouble with booking hotels when you’re travelling? If you are, then this system is a perfect match for you. Hotel booking system is your reliable friend for booking hotel without actually visiting them. The system helps you to book hotel of your choice at your travelling destination without any trouble. You don’t have to worry that you won’t find any hotels at your visiting places because the system reserves your room even before you arrive.




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Brand Management

Brand Management is a management of your company’s identity in a market. Brand shows how your organization is perceived as by your customers. In order to create impressive and long-lasting brand you have to be aware about different touchpoints where you connect with your customers. These touchpoints can be your website, logo, brochures and many other platforms where you provide information about your company.

We help you to create an impressive image about your company by managing various touchpoints. This could be logo designing, website building, app design and many more.


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Employee Tracker System

Employee Tracker System is an effective system to monitor the tasks of your employees. It becomes very hard to manually track the works of your employees at your ledger or daybook. But with this system, you can easily manage the task of your employees and be updated about their work progress. This can be a magnificent tool when used to control the activities of employees and to provide feedback to your employees.

One of the biggest advantages of this system is that it saves time and also cost. If every task in the company is carried out according to the plan, then the time and cost of late completion can be covered or saved.

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